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Performance Improvement and Support

We aid businesses in navigating uncertainty with readiness, while simultaneously refining systems and offering extensive support to foster your company’s growth.

Performance Improvement and Support: Address the root cause

A fully functioning system makes internal and external processes even more agile and efficient.

Our goal is to provide operational quality, focusing on existing systems and managing new vendors to increase company productivity and reduce support calls.

Our team is trained to address the root cause of issues, finding ideal solutions to improve your business performance indicators.

Fewer surprises, more results:
Reduced impacts and increased productivity

  • Meta Autonomous Center

    We accelerate your results through support operations focused on self-service, automating workflows for a better user experience.

  • Meta Service Solution

    Efficient management of support and technical assistance focused on fault reduction, cost optimization, and productivity gains.

  • Meta Support Dynamic Center

    Artificial intelligence aids the support process, bringing speed, accuracy, and different analysis possibilities for continuous service improvement.

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SAP Certified Partner Center of Expertise - PCoE

Meta IT holds SAP’s biannual certification, undergoing audits that analyze excellence in customer assistance according to high service standards.

This significant certification is achieved only by consultancies maintaining AMS operation processes, methodologies, and consultants, as well as using management tools and technical support in project development.

in efficient management

We adhere to the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) methodology, a set of best practices that optimize and improve the quality of IT processes and services in an organization.

Our goal:

Generate gains and productivity for your business through simple, intelligent, and
highly efficient management!

With 24/7 monitoring, we focus on higher value-added activities to prevent incidents from happening.

This is how we ensure proactivity in addressing previously unnoticed systemic anomalies, preventing them from recurring or escalating.

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Root cause investigation is at the core of our services

Meta Autonomous Center


Max Bot Meta

Automated service packages

Automated escalation of critical incidents

Meta Service Solution

• Application observability

Incident and request management

Problem management

Management of corrective and
evolutionary improvements

Continuous application evolution squad

Support for packaged Meta IT services (BTP)

Meta Support Dynamic Center

Traditional service desk

Intelligent service desk

Recurrence automation

Specialized support (N 1.5)

Meta Hypercare Management 

Automated books

Intelligent dashboards

Automation in generating periodic content

Performance management

Quality management

Our differentiators:

• Over 20 years of experience in AMS

• Robust team of over 450 professionals
integrated into client-offered solutions

• Multidisciplinary teams – a flexible and scalable model 

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Benefits of efficient management

For us, transparency is fundamental. We present real numbers achieved by our clients. Also, seek better efficiency in your AMS operation.

  • Ícone Gráfico 35% - 50%

    35% – 50%


  • Ícone Gráfico 10% - 40%

    10% – 40%

    reduction in tickets

  • Ícone Gráfico 5% - 10%

    5% – 10%

    annual increase
    in productivity

Empower your operation

With Meta IT, you find flexible and customized solutions that can be shaped in your own way, according to your business needs and model. Together, we achieve better results towards the Digital Transformation of your company.

  • Service Desk (N1)

    We offer a flexible and adaptable service with the mission to maintain your operation and minimize impacts and failures in IT.

  • Support SAP (N2 and N3)

    Application of best practices through our end-to-end structure, in addition to the Run SAP methodology and control by SAP Solution Manager (for SAP AMS).

  • Multiplatform Systems
    (N2 e N3)

    We also support your proprietary systems to improve internal problem resolution.

  • Managed Allocation of Experts Digital Managed Services

    Availability of a specialized team to perform any of the above services to enhance the delivery of all operations.

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