Meta IT’s new 2024 tech trends report

Meta IT presents technological trends for this year and reveals what is on the radar of leading tech leaders

Tech trends 2024


Meta IT, a technology and innovation company focused on digital transformation and evolution, has released its 2024 Tech Trends report on technology market trends. The company surveyed top executives to understand industry outlooks and identify crucial areas for business growth. The Meta IT experts, Marcos Machado (Managing Director) and Simone Lettieri (CDO), were joined by other influential figures in the industry such as Gustavo Franca (Global CIO at Gerdau), Alexandre Villeroy (CIO at Acelen), Helio Matsumoto (CIO at Sicredi), Alexandre Telles (CIO at Ajinomoto), Lilian Hoffmann (Executive Director of Technologies and Innovation at BP), and Wanderley Baccala (Digital Hub Executive Director at Globo).

The report, accessible on their website, highlights eight key trends shaping the year. Here’s a quick overview of each:

More than just transformation, digital evolution

There is an ongoing need for continuous improvement. It’s not just about efficiency, but also driving better experiences for both employees and customers. Digital evolution goes beyond technology, encompassing cultural and organizational shifts focused on people.

“Embracing relevant trends and efficiently integrating them into daily operations is essential. Digital evolution represents a conscious and strategic journey towards tangible results, not just a passing trend,” explains Marcos Machado, Managing Director at Meta IT.

The year of operational efficiency

2024 is the year of operational efficiency; after all, adopting solutions that enable a company’s evolution is important, but what truly makes a difference is not about having cutting-edge technology, but rather being aligned with customer needs and having an organizational culture compatible with the use of these technologies, fully leveraging them. The goal is to streamline operations, maximize resource utilization, and ultimately support a long-term evolutionary strategy.

Increasingly intelligent artificial intelligence

Following a strong 2023, Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains a major focus. The report highlights its potential for driving experimentation, new opportunities, and innovation through generative AI, which can create original content and learn complex patterns.

“Companies continue to recognize the role of technology as a facilitator in addressing business challenges that impact business, social, and environmental issues. In other words, innovations will not replace, but rather demand adaptation and improvement of human functions,” emphasizes Simone Lettieri, CDO at Meta IT.

Digital Twins, the best of both worlds

“Digital twins” are real-time virtual representations of physical objects or processes that allow for precise simulations and optimization, like in equipment operation. According to data from Grand View Research, the global market for this technology is expected to exceed $25 billion in revenue by 2025.

Automating processes means making work easier

Process automation is about making people’s work easier, but it is not just about that. The benefits of automation go far beyond, resulting in noticeable precision, with reduced errors and greater agility in task performance. It goes hand-in-hand with process optimization to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and meet customer demands.

The transformative power of quantum computing

Quantum computing combines aspects of computing, physics, and mathematics, using quantum mechanics to solve complex problems much faster than traditional computers. There are already some promising applications of quantum computing that simulate supercomputers in commercial use with a focus on logistic optimization.

It’s all about people, culture, work, and performance

Companies with higher digital maturity tend to invest more in automation and innovation that facilitates work. This is because they have a culture that embraces technology, allowing employees and customers to collaborate more effectively.

“At Meta IT, we believe digital transformation thrives on putting people first. Technology is our tool, but it’s the human factor that unlocks its potential. This collaborative approach fuels operational efficiency and drives growth for our clients,” concludes Marcos Machado, Managing Director at Meta IT.

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