Bruning upgrades to SAP S/4HANA

Bruning chose Meta for implementing SAP S/4HANA and enabling a new way to manage its business, in order to grow even further.


Since 1967 Bruning has been manufacturing metal parts for agricultural, automotive and civil construction sectors.

  • Company: Bruning
  • Solution: Management Platforms
  • Country: Brazil
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Company size: 1,000 - 9,999 employees
  • Company: Bruning
  • Solution: Management Platforms
  • Country: Brazil
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Company size: 1,000 - 9,999 employees

SAP – Agility, integration and focus on management


In a company with 2,800 employees that continues to grow and expand its portfolio, it is only natural that its own systems would eventually reach their limit. And that was the situation at Bruning, a company that manufactures and sells parts for agricultural & construction machinery and vehicles for transporting goods and people. They used their own management system for years, until it was no longer possible to extract information and integrate it with the new software that was acquired. This meant that the closing process was very slow, it took 15 to 20 days, hampering the achievement of results of the operation, in addition to distrust in the information and data that the system delivered.


Choosing a system involves several issues and areas, as it encompasses the company’s strategic objectives, the context in which it is inserted, its current and future needs, and many other technical specificities. And these issues are intensified in the case of a large, consolidated company. 

In this context, Bruning’s choice for the SAP system was due to the fact that they found the solution that would meet their demands in SAP, while looking at their businesses and processes in an integrated and modern manner. 

In the search for a system that would help in production management, Fabrício Schmidt, the company’s Quality Manager, says that they had initially made a search and studied the systems used in large domestic and international companies. And the choice for SAP, implemented by Meta, was due to three main reasons: reliability; the name it has in the market; and how the implementation of the project is conducted.


In an implementation process that lasted only 8 months, the good relationship between Meta and Bruning made the difference in achieving all the objectives in each of the stages. The project’s go live was a success, and led to a good relationship between the companies, which continues in the post-project period with support and other demands. 

Schmidt notes that one of Meta’s solutions that caught their attention was the Meta SAP S/4HANA Experience. It is a test drive of the system, so that the company can understand SAP in practice before deciding to implement it. Everything that is done in this step is used later in the actual SAP implementation and enables good practices to be applied from the very beginning. This way, Bruning achieved revenue from day one with SAP.


The main reasons for Bruning choosing Meta were because Meta is a consolidated company in the market and already has a number of successfully implemented projects. And while negotiating the best solution for Bruning, Meta took part in the entire process, including benchmarking visits to companies that had already implemented the system, always seeking to implement SAP in the best possible way. 

Meta is aware of the importance of making the most strategic decisions for the client’s reality, always working together, establishing the partnership and preparing the client’s team for applying the best practices. Daniel Pottker, DHO and Industrial Director at Bruning, points out that “one of our biggest challenges was knowledge transfer, and when there is knowledge transfer, Bruning grows as an organization”.


The main benefits for Bruning in having SAP were:

– reviewing management processes; 

– real-time information; 

– information agility; 

– profitability analysis; 

– 4 times faster closing.

This way, with more agility and confidence, closing deals became more assertive and contributed to the leadership having a more integrated view of the business, supporting decision-making.


When the solution is chosen and customized to the client’s reality and implemented with best practices, it generates benefits in the short term, but even more in the medium and long term, enabling the company to evolve and record a scalable growth. 

In Bruning’s case, SAP enabled them to better manage the business, becoming better prepared to serve their customers more satisfactorily. And the result of all this is enabling Bruning to grow even more than it already grew. 

Bruning CEO, Angelin Adam, says that “having SAP and Meta means that Bruning is current with the best technology”.


4x Faster closing

Greater management assertiveness 

Systems integration

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