How Meta IT's digital innovation is enabling the territorial expansion of services provided to society by CRT-BA


CRT-BA, the Regional Council of Industrial Technicians of Bahia, focuses on the supervision and professional development of Industrial Technicians in the state, ensuring professionals' rights and benefits.

  • Company: CRT-BA
  • Solution: Process Automation & Optimization
  • Country: Brazil
  • Industry: Government
  • Company size: 50 - 999 employees
  • Company: CRT-BA
  • Solution: Process Automation & Optimization
  • Country: Brazil
  • Industry: Government
  • Company size: 50 - 999 employees

With Meta IT's diagnosis and process mapping, society is benefiting from facilitated territorial expansion and service delivery by industrial technicians

The state of Bahia is the fourth most populous state in Brazil and the fifth largest in territorial extension. The mission, and at the same time, one of the greatest challenges of the Regional Council of Technicians of Bahia (CRT-BA) is to be present in every corner of its state, promoting oversight of both work and the training of all its industrial technicians. Founded recently in 2019, the organization already stands out among the 12 regional councils across the country for its pioneering efforts in implementing an integrated action and expansion plan linked to digital transformation. All of this was possible through it partnership with Meta IT.

The entity is inaugurating five new offices and aims to register more than half a million technicians in Bahia by 2025. According to Sandro Augusto Vieira, President of CRT-BA, only digital transformation will make such ambitious goals feasible, providing greater representativity to the Council and generating more value for society. “Once we are digitally equipped to handle more demands, we will expand our actions and generate even more value for technicians and, ultimately, for society. That is our mission, to defend society,” says Sandro.

Taking a pioneering stance in technological implementation, the Bahia regulatory body leads other regional offices in digital transformation. According to Josemiro Gomes, General Manager of CRT-BA, the expansion is possible because “the digitization of processes will allow an increase in our service capacity, making our current operation more agile, efficient, and cost-effective.” This scenario of gains in agility, efficiency, and finances is the key to increasing oversight and services provided in the state. “We want to increase oversight and become even more relevant by enabling interaction with other public entities, thus expanding our relevance to our audience and society,” Josemiro emphasizes.

Meta IT is responsible for implementing the methodology, culture, installation, and tools driving digital transformation at CRT-BA. The partnership began in August 2022 when Meta IT initiated a project to diagnose CRT-BA processes with a focus on automation. According to Mariana Couto, Leader of BPM (Business Process Management) and OCM (Organizational Change Management) at Meta IT, the diagnostic project included mapping and analyzing the entire entity’s processes. “Our focus is to identify any potential for process automation based on a current snapshot of activities, areas involved, and systems used,” explains Mariana.

Subsequently, the project team analyzed disconnects and improvements, mapping out the digitalization process from there. “This process is essential for a more precise digital transformation, which can be carried out according to the needs and capabilities of each client, delivering the best results in terms of time and ideal investments for each reality.”

By presenting a proprietary methodology and the ability to implement and deliver customizable solutions, Meta IT was chosen as a partner for digital transformation through an eligibility contract. For Sandro, Meta IT offers the capacity to deliver customizable and flexible services, meeting the needs of the public sector. “Meta offered us a unique service in the market, both in terms of technology and implementation, meeting the contractual characteristic of adapting to the needs of a national public agency,” details Sandro. Meta IT met diverse requirements consistently and with a solid foundation in terms of public agencies. “Together, we created a model that is already being replicated in other public institutions in the country,” says Sandro.

Culture and Human Development

One of CRT-BA’s main concerns at the beginning of implementing technologies for digital transformation was how to do so while valuing humans rather than replacing them. According to Sandro, this was another decisive factor in choosing Meta IT. “Meta offered us, in addition to technological solutions, the ability to work on human development beyond technology,” says Sandro. “We aim to bring technology as an ally and not a substitute, and thanks to the partnership with Meta, we are transforming this mindset through organizational culture,” he emphasizes.

From the outset, Meta IT shared with CRT-BA executives the vision that the future is now and that the pursuit of efficient tools adds value in the present and leaves a positive legacy. From this common goal, we managed to create synergy to make processes more agile, and all employees could perform their tasks more efficiently. “As in the processes of the finance and oversight departments, technology is making these sectors work hand in hand and integrate even more. We know that all sectors go hand in hand in the chain, and with Meta IT’s proposal, we will improve and intensify that,” explains Sandro.

Value Generation

Cost reduction in operations is a natural consequence of a well-structured digital transformation process. “We will save time in process execution. We will reduce costs with materials, our governance level will be better because we will serve technicians more quickly,” comments Sandro.

The transformation of public entities is proving to be an essential step for greater agility and transparency. “Digital transformation will come to us as a tool to add to our processes. Because once there is a more efficient public process, once my oversight is more precise in information, society benefits,” says Sandro. The digitization of processes will allow the council to increase governance levels with its audience as well. “We need technicians to be with us and trust our work and investments made with the resources they provide. We cannot betray that. The tools presented in digital transformation offer more transparency, both in accountability and in presenting results, showing that we are on the right path,” declares Sandro.

The society that uses CRT-BA services will be the biggest beneficiary of the partnership with Meta IT. “This is the main goal: generating value in service for those who need our service; the rest is a result,” concludes Sandro.

“Meta offered us a unique service in the market, both in terms of technology and implementation.”

Sandro Vieira
President at CRT-BA


Process automation and cost reduction

Increased transparency and governance

Territorial expansion and the provision of services to society

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