Sicoob reduces operating costs by US$ 600 thousand

Empowered by Meta's support, Sicoob pioneers automation and process redesign


Sicoob stands as one of the largest cooperative financial systems in the world, comprised of 14 central cooperatives, 300 individual cooperatives, boasting over 7 million members, and operating across more than 4 thousand service stations.

  • Company: Sicoob
  • Solution: Process Automation & Optimization
  • Country: Brazil
  • Industry: Banking and capital markets
  • Company size: +10,000 employees
  • Company: Sicoob
  • Solution: Process Automation & Optimization
  • Country: Brazil
  • Industry: Banking and capital markets
  • Company size: +10,000 employees

Recognized in the latest Banking Transformation, the process office, in partnership with Meta, achieved an award for significantly reducing the institution's operating costs by up to US$ 600 thousand

Sicoob, one of the largest cooperative financial systems in the world, has strategically invested in the growth and maturity of its process office. Since 2021, Meta has played a pivotal role, bringing digital transformation to processes to align with the business’s strategic objectives.

The processes office operates through three key pillars: automation, redesign, and indicators. The collaboration with Meta began in response to the urgent need for enhanced office capacity and maturity that had been ongoing since 2019. The initial focus of the partnership was on digital transformation through robotization.

“Meta arrived at a crucial time to strengthen our process office. We were facing numerous challenges, and it was essential to integrate qualified professionals with market experience to lead our initiatives in process transformation and automation,” says George Laporta, National Corporate Performance Manager at Sicoob.

“Meta’s expertise in robotization was indispensable. Coupled with their experience across diverse sectors, a unique and close client relationship, and a flexible methodology that includes training our teams, Meta stood out. Coaching provided by Meta at the start of the contract significantly aided the implementation of best market practices and the overall maturation of our office,” highlights Marco Aurélio Mafra, Process Management Leader at Sicoob.

Since the inception of the partnership, the office has seen a significant increase in robotic processes, scaling from four to 30 processes relying on RPA. Laporta emphasizes, “The transformation journey is now assertive with structured standards and clear methods, allowing us to achieve results. Thanks to the partnership with Meta, we’ve scaled to more than 40 initiatives.”

The office’s capacity to handle both automation and redesign initiatives has also multiplied. Prior to Meta’s involvement, the capacity was limited to two processes per initiative on average, considering the potential months of work. With Meta’s support, the office can now concurrently manage up to eight initiatives.

In addition to automating processes, the office emphasizes the need to transform processes beyond mere robotization. Laporta states, “Our primary focus is on transforming processes, where automation serves as the means. After addressing the initial automation agenda, our partnership with Meta shifted focus to emphasize redesign and deepen our actions, answering the question: How can processes add more value to our entire business chain?”

The partnership, which began with two dedicated professionals, has gradually expanded to include five professionals from different specialties exclusively working on the process office project. Mariana Couto, BPM and GMO Leader at Meta, attributes the success of the partnership to Meta’s extensive experience across various business segments, providing a robust process methodology and diverse project experience.

Banking Transformation Award 2021

One of the process office’s key initiatives involved both redesign and automation efforts to reduce the response time to credit card fraud requests, which doubled during the pandemic. Sicoob successfully transformed a significant volume of calls into a success story for the process office.

By combining redesign and robotization, the institution reduced the response time from 130 days to 50 days, winning the operational efficiency category award among 120 other financial institutions. Mafra acknowledges the importance of Meta’s partnership in transforming the contestation process, providing qualified and dedicated professionals for this initiative.

Enhanced Visibility

The transformation process increased the visibility of the process office across different areas, expanding its operations to strategic processes for the business, including cards, credit, consortium, and generating value for both cooperatives and members.

Within this framework, which includes strategies and projects, coupled with timely and qualified data for decision-making, the process office plays a vital role in sustaining daily operations, delivering value to members.

The process office becomes a crucial resource for leaders, managers, and technicians at Sicoob, providing information and instruments to assess the effectiveness, efficiency, and efficacy of daily operations.

“The Sicoob process office made a leap in robotic processes, from four to 30 processes that currently rely on RPA. Now we realize that the transformation journey is assertive in relation to times and movements. We have structured standards, clear methods of how to achieve results. And, thanks to the partnership with Meta, we are reaping the fruits today. We were able to scale to more than 40 initiatives,” emphasizes George Laporta, National Corporate Performance Manager at Sicoob.


Implemented 40 process transformation initiatives

Deployed 27 RPAs

Reduced operational costs by US$ 600 thousand

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